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 Farberware® Kitchen Accessories

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Thermal Carafes

Lucia Translucent Carafe

Farberware® Thermal Carafes hold one liter of your favorite beverage hot or cold for hours.

They feature glass liners and patented drip resistant spouts.

Translucent carafe is available in the fun translucent colors including pink, lavender, purple, mint, blue and yellow.



Bebe Brushed Stainless-Steel

Crafted in Brushed Stainless-Steel with an easy push button top.

Ripple Stainless Steel Carafe

Made from Stainless Steel polished to a high gloss. It has an easy trigger mechanism that allows you to pour without removing the spout.


Thermal Sauce Boat

The Farberware
® thermal sauce boat is extremely versatile. Use it to pour gravy on meat and potatoes, sauce on pasta or maple syrup with pancakes. It holds 2 cups and is available in bright stainless steel with black or white accents.



Oil Spritzers

Farberware® Professional oil spritzer gently sprays a light coat of the cooking or flavored oil of your choice.

Perfect for spraying a light coating on salads or glazing vegetables and poultry before roasting!!!

Use on pots, pans and bakeware for a light stick resistant coating.

Unique one handed design. Simply pump the non-aerosol once or twice on the counter, lift and spray and you are on your way to healthful, tasty cooking!

Available in stainless steel or all plastic.

Porcelain Enamel Teapots

Farberware® porcelain enamel on steel teapots are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are available in a variety of styles.

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